Bitter Sweet Pleasures

Scarcely have I felt a greater impression of a most mysterious emotion to which no single word can describe, though I’m sure it is universally experienced. I dare to presume also that no one else is more aware of its effects than I. Regardless of my being proven false by anyone of you ready to lay claim on this hitherto unmentioned emotion that I speak of, I can have recourse by saying that my experience in itself is a unique one as you do not know exactly how I have felt…. Ok, no more prevarications on my part. I will tell you the truth as soon as you finally read this… Sighs, oh well! Why bother anyway?? I would just go ahead and tell you seeing that you’re a bore anyway….lol… You see what I speak of is sadness… oh dear I am doing it… Oh, but yes indeed it is sadness- sadness caused by despair of hope linked to a feeling within the heart that I seemingly know very little of but yet I am aware that it is quite stirring. I know this because I have vicariously endured it several times and I can say that the powers of imagination are far greater than the effects of actual experiences in this singular instance. I dare not urge you to flee it, though for your sake that may be the only solution. Your heart is so timorous and easily trembled by disappointments. You chase happiness while you flee sadness.. I wish you would not be so but such is the way of life whether or not you choose to admit that being the case. Nevertheless, pleasant journey to you! And if I find you along your way I will be more than willing to quench the thirst you will have then.


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