Nature’s subjugation

The sun sets before me in the evening so that I would have good rest. The sun rises over me in the day so that I might see my path even through the valleys of evil. The moon reminds me of when I should give my arms to love with no ill effect to me. The stars guide me as to the seasons and guides the sailor across the seas. They also show signs of things to come. The wind blows to clear the air of your farting for me. The trees grow to supply my needs. The waters of rivers imbued with life quenches my thirst. The birds sing to me in the day. Love dances for me at night. Time is subject to me and I must only master myself to be lord over it. Without me who would be aware of it? I speak and it echoes across the mountains and send ripples across the streams. I walk and the earth balances my weight so that I would not sink within. And the wonder of all the earth is for my enjoyment when I open my eyes for it.


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