Song dedicated by Adonis to Persephones and Aphrodite Love’s Chase

An earnest heart in love avoids pursuit but desire fuels still.
Tender is the soul to the euphony of love’s melody so sweet.
Doesn’t the heart flutter in flight and weakness overtake us in times of exhaustion?
Doesn’t the gods of men answer prayers after much supplication and sacrifices?
Isn’t a butterfly best caught whilst resting on a summer flower?
I know quite well that you rather to be pushed than to jump,
But I am more patient than the tortoise that swims gracefully within the deepest oceans.
So run like a gazelle dear beauty, fly across the skies like that unsuspecting dove of the lurking eagle.
It matters very little that your actions may not be right at the given moment of a sudden impulse.
The reasons developed after are far more cogent than the original impulse itself and you needn’t worry of protecting your modesty.
I am private man, a chamber of secrets never told.
You know my heart is weak for you so you deny me your moonlight eyes,
Oh fair daughter of heaven!
Why be so unfair and seek respite from me in prayer?
Your scarlet lips do foretell sweet kisses.
Tell me who you betray to love me,
If in loving me, you find a greater love than you do possess?
I am neither a man to be bound by servitude nor a god to demand your sacrifices.
How good it is to dwell within the abode of love!
Surely you tremble in the inner caverns of your soul while languishing in every breath.
That storm that stirred me from my sleep two mornings passed,
Is but a manifestation of what lies within our hearts.
I see your wilting soul and anxieties crushing your windpipe as you stifle under the pressure of those vows of fidelity.
I can taste the air perfumed by your skin and I know,
While you clutch on to your deceptive pride at the very last,
I know that I am bound to honour you in that court of love and you will have me so.

Copyright © Jamal Martin, JM 2014


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