An interpretation of capitalism

I’m not concerned with having the many credentials of an academic. This doesn’t mean that I am not one myself nor does it imply that I am averse to an education. I simply reject the functionalist idea of being solely defined by a job based on one’s education as a neo-colonialist form of slavery. I also affirm that if the path to social mobility is through an education, this mobility is rooted in the common man who practices discernment so that no man is greater than any other man because of his education. The accumulation of wealth is not an academic enterprise. It is an exercise that entails great foresight and a passionate commitment to interpreting the needs of the masses who are forever seeking means to surrender their money, not to the nearest best job available.

A man with knowledge but without the capacity to understand this knowledge to the point of independent thought unconstrained by pedantic lines is essentially a slave. What he possesses is the accumulated knowledge of those before him, he is not a creature of his own, he is merely a creature of the knowledge he has obtained and is the victim of a vicious race for imaginary titles. This too I reject but to each man his own as is his destiny to fulfil.

However, when a man decides with his back against the wall to find ingenious ways of survival through his mental capacity he has essentially elevated himself to an awareness of the capitalistic system and endeavours to conquer it. Such is the man who will shape the fate of others who fall under this system.


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