Forgotten King

I prepare to take up my seat upon the throne that your neglect has left vacant.
It is no vain matter that has led to my decision nor is there any boast for me to take up my place where you were found lacking but I will spare you no pity.
Look at you!
You look on now from a distance like a forgotten king with the only option of feigning a general apathy over the turn of events but in your eyes I see a disillusioned spirit.
Even if the princes of the earth were to bring you the treasures of all their kingdoms you will never be glad in your heart knowing that I possess the keys of paradise.
In all truthfulness, I hadnt laid my eyes upon it until I found myself more deserving of its splendidness and majesty.
I promise you, I will neither leave it hungry nor will I sleep or consider myself exalted over you forgotten king!


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