Achievement- a deep understanding

Success isn’t dependent on how far you must go to achieve it, its dependent on how far you are willing to go in spite of the individual circumstances that confront you along the way. In the absence of some discernible supporting influence, from a tangible standpoint, the expectation of that human being by the ominipotent influence is markedly greater compared to him whose circumstances are different and whose life is benefitted by material advantages.

To gain an understanding of wisdom one can look at the man who is absolutely insensible and misdirected but is attended to by love and hope. These two diligent beautiful helpers take no pity but toward sacrifice and great will. The wisest man on earth is no greater than the most foolish man because he is the product of many foolish errors shadowed by a perserving interest in self improvement.

Life is mostly contingent upon material circumstances. It is often complicated by religion which offers consolation to some while showering condemnation upon many. Religion is in fact the greatest adversary to a higher level of thinking primarily because it is contingent upon faith and belief. These two are irreducible to any sound basis of logic and is best construed as a placating influence to the ordinary man disillusioned by the difficulty proffered upon him by the universe. Truly, the only duty to which any of us are bound is love. It is my only religion in which I rest my faith and belief.

The world continues as it always has but mankind is on the verge of a new awakening. This awakening could bring about the realization of his divine and supernatural nature on a level that he could have only imagined in times past.


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