On business- inspired by Wallace D Wattles

Business, when principled on being creative as opposed to being competitive is far more prosperous. If a businessman or businesswoman is more successful than you in their business why would you foolishly envy them or take on a competitive attitude in relation to them? It would be better if you learned from those who do better than you at what you do. You will be able to become like them or better if you strive to learn from them rather than envying them.

In time, you may find a way to improve some aspect of that particular field of business as well. The most powerful and insightful meaning of competition is this:

Improving what everyone does not trying to be better than everyone else.

I guarantee you that you won’t succeed at being better than everyone else consistently, no one man is a master of all trades.

But, if you try to improve on something for the sake of people, then people would recognize that and be anxious to do business with you.


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