Beauty Paradox

What causes a beautiful woman to be hated most is that she inadvertently sets the standard for every other woman’s conception of beauty. This arouses a sense of jealously and hatred in the women who perceive themselves lower in the hierarchy of beauty because of them. But this is a false idea rooted in a misconception of their identities.

Nevertheless, the many accompaniments and accessories created by mankind on earth for women have in fact been created by man in his creative wisdom so that each woman can express herself in her own beautiful way. Oprah Winfrey is a notable example in this regard and she herself has wholeheartedly embraced her natural state but mind you, she makes good use of every enhancement available to her and you should too.

Realising the general problem affecting women mostly, ‘the beauty complex identity syndrome’. I decided that I had a duty as an admirer and advocate of women to address this problem. I thought long and hard in the face of the noises of a few so called pragmatics who thought it too expensive a project and in the end of my deep contemplation I conceived a hair and beauty product solution titled Jay’s Fieek Goddesses​. I effectively narrowed the illusionary gap. And now even beautiful women have jealous eyes, forced to share a place in the palace of beauty.

Finally women had an extra voice amidst those lofty misfits who construed themselves to be the only possessors of beauty. I have assisted in leveling the playing field and for accomplishing that great feat I am undoubtedly proud.


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