The ultimate strategy of warfare is to create great confusion in your enemies camp to reduce all hope of victory in their thoughts.
When you are near let them think you are far away.
When you are far away let them think you are at their door step.
Let them think you intend to go right when in fact you have set your sights on the middle.
Let them hear you will come today but instead show up the next day.

Pretend to be fearful of them and pride will give them courage to fall into your trap.
Conceal that which is no secret and put the secret in plain sight- the art of propaganda.
Facilitate the spreading of rumours, while concealing your true plans even from your closest confidants.

Pretend to be insane or irrational while proceeding logically at the same time.
Close your heart to pity as they are not merciful in the execution of their plans so be not worried by their cries and entreaties.
Neither should you be afraid of your weaknesses which they know through spies and from your friends. Instead, surround yourself by those who challenge you to discard them.
This is key and it will bring you fortuitous benefits even if they who you have elected are planted as vines with the intent to deceive you. Worry not for you know why you chose them just as the Christ had Judas by his side.

In the end you shall exhaust them to the point where they surrender and crush themselves.


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