Our personal growth can be compared to that of a tree or suspiciously to the great wealth amassed by men. Some trees grow to be quite tall and sturdy while others are quite short (petite) and tender but no less splendid in beauty because each has its purpose.

However, unlike great wealth which compares only to the outer man, our inner growth can stand the vagaries of time and the seasons much like the root of the tree if we all grow strong enough to overcome what the future holds. Consider here, if the tree is good but the weather is bad what can be made of the harvest that follows?
And as for the branches of these trees they give height to crawling and flying creatures thus reflecting their inner fortitude in spite of gravity’s restless pull unlike those flaunters of wealth who have their God in earthly things.

Yes, the wealthy may beat their chests and boast of their security but not even a hollowed coconut tree knows the hour of its fall. Yet still, what good it is to be surrounded by great wealth if your heart would mock the souls of those around you in your satiated pride?

As for those fools who try to trim the branches of your soul through spite and envy among many other evils they are like those robbers who after their crimes live like rats with fear and anguish in their filthy holes and crevices!

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