Our worldly distance

Is there a worldly distance that should exist between us that I may not cross to be close to your intimate thoughts and companionship?
There is something that dwells inside of me that desires me to hold your secrets.
But an uncertainty shadows over me as I do not know what I risk in opening myself up to you as I wish to do.
Surely, to place such great trust in you is to have myself exposed and I do not know your intentions clearly.
Your equivocal words and mysterious eyes do well to hide the feelings you possess inside.
You sway like a serpent and your perfume makes me stumble in my heart of hearts.
I sense danger approaching the more my desire unfolds.
I cannot be left to chance; for if in the midst of all my desires for you I suddenly find you wanting in that passion that can inflame my heart for you where will my soul be?
No ocean will consume my sorrow.
No darkness will conceal all of my weakness.
And nowhere will there be a place in heaven to comfort me without your love having felt the warmth of your arms.


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