On Secret Orders and Societies- False notions and Symbols

Many have searched to obtain knowledge on secret societies. Others have chosen to ignore their existence or have labelled them as evil in ignorance. Their history go back many years and their work has spanned the four corners of the earth. Their rituals are heterogeneous across the myriad organisations which comprises them and range from sophisticated to primitive. However, their purpose is mostly equivocal as their lower order members and initiates may realize for themselves. Though, they may not accept the reality of the truth in their anxiousness and so unwittingly are taken in by the wind.

Nevertheless, we must address those who are ignorant of it and stepped in prejudices of their own making. Essentially, these organisations flourished among those who possessing extensive knowledge in the physical realm but oblivious to its diametrical opposite, that is, metaphysical realm chose to indulge in the imaginations produced by their knowledge. They engaged in experiments and made discoveries that they used for their own good and that of others but their minds were corrupted by their pride and they lost sight of their limitations.

The Egyptians undoubtedly had this experience, they created a pantheon of gods which they worshipped, they made symbols with which to express themselves as man was still short of words in those days, they had their rituals and trusted in supposed divine influences more than themselves. They honoured their dead and made great constructions called pyramids to contain the bodies of their Pharaohs, this was foolish of them but they must be forgiven for their ignorance. When a Pharaoh died his queen and his concubines were forced to accept death beside him. His tomb was filled with foods for his return from the ‘middle passage’. Jewels and precious gems were also entombed with him. How utterly foolish was that! If only they had applied their energies to more fruitful projects!They stored up valuable things for wise men to plunder in the future and that some did.

Yet, can we simply regard their symbols as evil and permit them to the remit of secret orders? Of course not! The Christians have their cross, the Muslims their moon and star, the Hindus their many images. Egypt in spite of its failings due to ignorance, was once the gem of Africa, and therefore, the creation of the black man. The symbols of Egypt are the right of any man who can interpret them. Was not the cross of the Christians not punishment of the Romans meted out to their prisoners? It is quite odd that one would accept the cross as a symbol because one prophet was put to death on it while rejecting the pyramid, the serpent and the eye of Horus.

Let us first treat with the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus is indeed a misnomer- it is simply the eye of man! It is important to realize the basis of the gods of man. Man in is ignorance of the things around him made gods of everything he laid his eyes upon that he admired or feared. Over time, these gods took on a manifestation of their own and spread among peoples and civilizations.

Man unwilling to accept the true of extent of his life forced upon himself the notion of eternity and placed his belief in a saviour. The pain of death was too much for him. That grief so awful as to strip a mortal being of his very will to continue. Let every man know that death must follow life, it is a law of nature that his selfish heart and pride cannot avoid. Now let us return to the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus represents man’s ability to see beyond his physical limitations and use his imagination to create great things. It is his ability to think of the future and conduct his actions in preparation of it. It represents man’s vision for his life, which when placed in a ruler empowers him to conduct the direction of his people.

Now we must address the meaning of the serpent. The serpent is a cunning creature. It sees its prey in darkness as in the light of day. It knows well how to hide and disguise itself. It is quick and strikes its prey with poison to immobilize it. It stirs the disgust and hatred of women. It dies when crushed upon its head and so was made to sit upon the head of the Pharoah in Egypt. Indeed , the Egyptians made observations of this creature, as in the case of many other animals, and included it in their belief system.

This follows from what was discussed earlier on the creation of gods among men. I shall commit to you that the animals and creatures of this earth apart from being intended to serve as as a source of food are also here for our instruction. If man is observed alongside the creatures of the earth you will find that he has imitated them in almost all of his constructions- aircraft, submarines, armies, houses, diet, courage and so on. We learned a great deal from observing them and they have benefited us tremendously but man has been foolish to invest such great power in them by choosing to genuflect before beasts! Man must know that he is the only god on earth and therefore must learn to use wisdom.

Now let us turn to the pyramid. The construction of the pyramids were a engineering feat given man’s development and technology in those days. He surmounted many hurdles through his ingenuity and understanding of mathematics which enabled his abstract thinking in the solution of problems. It is interesting that what possessed them to undertake this work is no different from what has possessed all men throughout time to accomplish a great deal many things. Now, here is an interpretation of the pyramid which I share with you:

The pyramid represents man’s earthly sojourn. He must advance by overcoming hurdles in his life. If he is able to reach the apex that has been set for him (as all men are allotted differing heights to accomplish) then he has satisfied his purpose here on earth- that is, to reach the fullness of his potential. In Egypt, Pharaoh represented this achievement, he sat atop his fellow Egyptians as their ruler. The pyramid also represents the building up of society and the accumulation of wealth. It symbolizes that great things are accomplished from the ground up and do not fall from the sky.

Now that I have presented these things to you, it is my hope that you would exercise good judgement and act so as to escape ignorance.


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