On people who perform conjurations and attempt to solicit the aide of forces and elements to do harm to others through Witchcraft, Sorcery and Necromancy among other practices

On this subject we find the inner thoughts of men and women who selfishly pursue their interests without regard to others. They possess a strong desire to win and succeed but they are mentally deviant individuals who suffer from acute mental poisoning. They live in suspicion of others, are highly cynical and inordinately recalcitrant in their superstitions.

Many of them have remarkably succeeded in their practices to such an extent that they are doubly secure in their secret dealings. They plot against others for position, money, esteem, favour, power and authority and they do well to obtain these things but they hold in their hands like water.

It is no good for you to pray for calamity to befall others. It is unintelligent to enter into secret pacts to obtain your ends. Some of you have made attempts on other children’s lives, others have attempted to stifle their progress. These decisions reflect your inner weakness and insecurity and make you a slave to strange devices and teachings.

You must abstain from these practices. Each man on earth has a purpose; you must not position yourselves to obstruct the purpose, destiny, interest or benefit of others. There is a law referred to by some as the Law of Compensation which is like the law of physics that deals with reciprocity with a slight modification. For every evil action their is an equal and proportionate reaction. For every good action there is unequal and generous reaction.

Some have lost faith in doing good because they realize they prosper when they do evil but this is so because to do good is likened onto planting a seed in good soil. With time and good care, consistency and effort the fruits are realized and in abundance. However, those who do evil things like a seed planted on shallow soil it springs up fast and all rejoice happily but it dies quickly bearing no fruit for its master and all about is calamity and suffering.

The time of the universe is different to that observed by mortal men. Do not be quick to cast judgement or to abandon good practices. I have seen good and evil men, I know their ways for I have examined their hearts with keen eyes.

Do good to others, do not wish them bad for you yourselves cannot endure suffering.


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