On Parents and their Children

Parents have an obligation to their children that extends even to adulthood. These children are spiritual gifts in mortal form. However they come, they should be treated with affection that the love in their hearts would grow. As a seed planted in fertile ground and tended to everyday so must they be to you. Remember, that each tree has its maximum height of attainment also.
Nevertheless, children are extensions of their parents, their deviances can be found in them too.

I implore you to consider them not as an expense to your purse but as an investment to be attended to with care and diligence to ensure they profit from your care. Those who possess them must see them in no other way.

Parents, it is not your right to decide the destiny of your children. Each child has a role to play in life but you cannot predetermine that role for them. You must observe them, study their talents and abilities to see where it leads them, expose them to a variety of things, cultivate their understanding of different subjects, encourage them to be inquisitive and question things, allow them to come to you for advice but do not speak down to them for they are intelligent beings.You are a fool who think of them otherwise.

Listen to them and guide them so that they may learn how to address the challenges which confront them, speak to them carefully when you proffer instructions and be sure to guard your actions lest they find you to be a hypocrite and despise you inwardly. Teach them manners and respect and explain to them the virtues of such things but do well to encourage them to be confident in all that they do and to have courage to do what is right.

Yes, indeed you must prepare a way for them to pursue their interests, regardless of your wealth our Creator will provide a way for you to achieve this. Think also of their success for to imagine their success in your minds is to fuel you to be good parents- wise and discerning.

Do these things among other things because they are right and sensible for you to do but even more so to satisfy our Creator who has set this to be your task on earth.

Children have a responsibility too, they must bring honour to their parents and be diligent to think of them in their actions as hard as it may be. They must understand that they are part of the human race and no one is inferior as we are all part of the whole of mankind. Be these things as it may, above all, their obligation is not to you, their parents, but to the Creator of the Universe who has set aside a purpose for them whether it be good or evil this you do not know.

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