On women- Their endless grace

I believe that if a man loves a woman he cannot possibly hate her family. For how can the woman not continue to belong to her father and mother or even her children because of her love for a man. I also believe that a man by nature provides for those whom he loves and if he loves a woman he must love her children whether or not they are his by genetic fact.

However, if a woman is to be deserving of the man she wishes to provide for her, be that her objective. She must demonstrate those qualities necessary to facilitate the advance or upward mobility of the man she purportedly loves so as to enable him to provide for those whom he loves- including her.

Only an ignorant man would fail to reciprocate appropriate rewards to meet that tender and sometimes harsh encouragement of a woman in her desire to see him at his best. For should a man not keep as his sole preoccupation the improvement of himself if he wishes to be like God? What is there to life if a man lives and dies a fool without wisdom in spite of his little knowledge?

So surely is a woman filled with wisdom an asset to a man indispensible to his success. Worthy of her pride and the proper treatment. But, if she fails to do this and instead makes him weary through her importunate requests for the fulfilment of her needs while he himself is lacking and continues to fall behind in the schedule set for his advance then that man is in danger.

This does not mean that he should treat her with insignificance and reduce her to his slave. Surely, she would seek her vindication through another’s loving arms more deserving.
No woman is bad, the evils of men are her only weakness.

Every ounce of earth has its use regardless of whether or not you can find one for it, that may be your limitation you inadequate man. Whether it be barren or not. Whether it is beautiful under the sun or in darkness. All women are good, it is the perversion of the spirit of man which sees her otherwise.


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