False Reasonings

When someone loses anything they become a danger to themselves more than to others. Their mind is more alert and conscious of everything around them. They are now more focused and their sole intention is to regain what they have lost at the very least. At that point they are also most susceptible to false reasoning and their associated errors.

On the other hand, there are those who make willing sacrifices. They are dangerous to themselves and to others. They do anything that their beliefs inspires their minds to do. Stubborn and thoroughly indoctrinated as they are , a poisonous system of thinking is built into their minds to ensure permanence of every illogical construct that possesses them. They go from superstitious to proud and they possess a dreadful spirit that makes them intolerable to even the slightest contradictions to their beliefs.

They are usually more of a danger to themselves, sometimes passive and simply innocuous but because they are capable of anything in a situation of desperation or under the influence or persuasion of an emotive demagogue they are a veritable danger to others. This danger to others arises through the form of mental poisoning which they propagate through the masses.

However, they are calculating in their actions, they envision the outcome of their sacrifices and they are purposeful to the very end. How great it is for them to be disillusioned! It is good for them that they have their peace but they are no less than slaves.


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