When they were gathered together as was their custom, one rose from among them and addressed the crowd saying,
“When they had the power we had the money, now we have the power and the money too. How can we surrender our position now without a conflict? Consider the danger of us being put in their shoes. What might become of us if tomorrow we are ruled by our slaves?”

The crowd was persuaded by the words thus spoken and a general fear overtook them. Ifer sat at distance from the crowd.
He was a man of great wisdom and stature. After the confusion among them continued for a while they became of one accord saying,
“Let us hear Ifer, his wisdom shall answer our troubles. What says though Ifer?”

Ifer speaks:

‘Does it truly matter? They are no more than slaves are they not? They will know not what to do in our place. Surely, the people will turn to us again.’

But the crowd was not satisfied, they murmured amongst themselves saying,

“Will he have us bow before our enemies while they wipe their feet in our faces? He mocks us as if he is not one of us.”

Ifer, sensing what was in their hearts took his seat at the head of the table and spoke thus:

‘Hear me children! Let no fear be in your hearts. What will you offer me that I may rescue you?’

They stood silent for a brief moment then said,
“What is your price? Anything you ask for we will grant to you.”

‘Are you of one accord?’ he asked them.

“Yes, we swear on lives and the lives of our children! Everything we have is yours.”

‘Good, let it be so. They who fear God let them know that something more terrible is here. Those under us are too weak to escape our cunning. We will set a cloud before their eyes while we work to destroy them. We will have them look one way while we work in the opposite direction. We will beseige them all around and grip them with terror.

Let us cast a die and determine the magnitude of our terror that they shall tremble to confront us even when they possess our power. Surely then they will not know what to do with it.

We have explored several methods thus far all of which have failed. The circumstances seem dire and the odds are against us. But the seeds we have planted will bear fruit in their season.
Some of you must be sacrificed to ensure our privilege. Yes, many of you are rotting and your time has passed. Consider it noble to be given up for our cause.

Now, we have applied enough pressure to a certain quarter, they will do our work for us. There must be a general turmoil in this land to keep our enemies distracted. The beast must be stirred but in good time when it has run its course we shall annihilate it with utmost force.

The people know not if to think of the future or if to worry about the present. They deserve our pity. As for their leaders, they will soon be hated more than us for they are loved because of convenience. And our crimes will pass from their memories like the wind that blows in summer time and the rain that falls in spring.’

Those gathered were well pleased and they said, “Let it be so.”


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