Private letter

Dear beauty,

I saw your face today and though you bruised my eyelids I did not stir.
First you treated me with your crude eloquence then your rashness simmered to a soothing tone and sweetly did your voice resonate deep within the marrow of my bones.
There I saw a sparkle in your eyes from that fire in your heart.
‘Do you know me?’ ‘Yes’ I said, I’ve seen you several times here and there.’
‘OK’ she said.
Again I said to her, ‘I know you.’ ‘From where?’ Again she asked in reply. ‘I know you from that place where many spend their time.’


Yes I know your serious look that does not efface your beauty.
Yes I’ve seen your scorn and I’ve seen your footsteps like floating flowers on rivers.
Yes I know you well, but not well enough.
I’ve seen your flower and I’ve admired your petals but I wish to know you from the bud.
So I must pluck you from this garden and cloak you from the morning light.


‘Stars, hide your fires;
Let not light see my black and deep desires…’
Macbeth- Shakespeare

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