Trust and respect for privacy are invaluable and intangible feelings upon which the human being rests the greatest of hopes. If someone shares something with you regardless of what it is; decency and respect should influence the manner in which you treat with it.

By that I mean, if someone shares something with you that you find demeaning or disrespectful to your character you should take the higher ground in how you treat with it. Rather than to act capriciously as does impetuous youth and use it against them.

Sharing it with everyone else is certainly unbecoming of wisdom. If you had class and dignity you wouldn’t do such a thing. Most certainly if you had an ounce of wisdom and would pause to be circumspect before you acted you would do no such thing.
It reflects a paucity in your being that compromises that spirit of trust upon which everything in the world is based. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing so.

You are no different from the jealous jilted lover who decides to expose all he has about his former romantic interest because she no longer wants him. How can you be so cheap in your actions? What good is it to you to ruin someone else? This is what separates the sheep from the Sheppard, the God from the man and the man from the ordinary beast.

You great man or woman are the manifestation of God here on earth. Perceive no one as less than you for you lower yourselves to do so and surely this God will lower your stature because of your folly.


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