A possible description of man

The ascent
The ascent

When considered from the basis of his irreducible form man is no more than an expression of an invisible element. The force of which drives him into situations of great difficulty watching to see if he should break. There are possibly other ways to describe him more perfectly but even so, those descriptions will not make my own assertion untenable.

For long I have searched the mire of this present civilization with the basic hope of understanding the inherent nature of my dutiful companion, who stirs me up with purpose but gives me few proofs of the outcome of my resolve.

My lack of conformity, my inability to subjugate myself entirely to the pervading circumstances and resign myself from hope, my expressed desire to confront the accepted order and challenge it in spite of my inner fear are simply the feature and character of an indomitable Will.

Even as I give myself over to the benevolence of a higher order above me I cannot help but loathe the circumstances that have led me to be supplicant to it.

Why must man live at the mercy of invisible forces subject to the storms and torrents that constitute life’s journey? Surely to make him strong and worthy of their praises? How can the estimation of man’s character be judged save by the strength of his desire when possessed by the need for accomplishment?

Where is Caesar now? Where are the mighty Pharoahs of Egypt? Did they yield to simple men? Or cower in the face of gigantic enemies or such circumstances?

A flower or the rock, which shall the heart of man chose? My heart shall not be made stiff? Let scented flowers perfume my shadow and a steely Will guide my way.


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