What do you know about lies?
They’re just the decadent pleasures of your heart disguised.
Beauty is not what you surmise.
How can it be in your eyes?
You hide behind shadows,
That I may see your hidden qualities.
Though I see more of you day by day,
I know less of you in everyway.
So subtle are your entreaties my flower.

In my mind I say thus:

Will she have me to the tune of the song I play for her with my thoughts made manifest as we dance in my private chamber of lust?

If I could touch the underside of your feet with my words like the ant that trembled your petals in search of your sweetness.
Then I’d know the corner stone of your heart and be like the mirror of your soul.
You do well to perfume the air about me that I think of you more each day.

How I love to see your pride.
You think you know me from the words you hear of me?
Oh, here is a tear for you and your ignorance.
May it comfort you by day as you torment me by night.
Fear not the thought of my vices.
For my heart you have not felt and so my ways you cannot grasp dear love.

Men are objects to seduce and so am I a man no less.
Some felines paint their faces,
And brush away the truth with their graces.
They sway like snakes and bait my senses,
But I treat my love with temperance.


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