Pleasure’s sins

I picture you a mere distance from my eyes and I wish to have you all over again as if I never did.
Passion is what enamours my soul and you please my desires so well.
Yes I am sentimental but with just cause, if you could feel what I feel then you would know what an irreplaceable desire is as I have you.

In truth I yearn for you but your words are so unkind.
You barely scatch the surface of what I feel for you.
You say love between us could never be and my hope is but a sin to you.
But my eyes alone cannot grasp the full countenance of your beauty and so my spirit must dwell inside of you.
Yes, I understand your predicament but you were bound by an act of chance and now those chains must be broken with the love I do possess for you.

Your eyes, your smile, your scented touch…
All there is about you I yearn for so much.
With you, the sun never sets for a single day over my heart.
So happy am I with the thought of you.

Some picture angels with outstretched wings drifting towards heaven and they- they have their paradise.
But I, I picture you clapsed against each other’s bosoms exchanging that divine nectar of our souls!


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