Doublespeak – the modern day parable

What I like most about the king is that he mastered the art of doublespeak.
One tongue for the masses and the hidden truth for a chosen few.

There are people who want to know your mind but you have to be careful with them as their’s are steeped in prejudice.
Your tongue for them has to be open to interpretation by default because they are quite dangerous.
You must be careful and discern their inner nature, otherwise, your doubletalk will lead you into a snare.
Yes, they long for the truth like any man but to what end?
To point a finger at you and accuse you at an untimely moment.
For them you have to be prepared to do the mind dance as they think the path to heaven lays in their finding charges to condemn you to hell..

They are given to an element of slander, ruin and pettiness.
You do well to defend yourself from them.
Ignorance is like the path of witchcraft, only few can cross it without blistered feet.

So ride that boat captain, steer it well through storms and narrow courses.
Past battle fields and the gloomy deep.
All are watching and waiting in the shadows, fear them well.


One thought on “Doublespeak – the modern day parable

  1. Yea, certain truth have to be hidden from the masses owing to mob mentality. Complex behaviours arise with increasing number.


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