Sacred Beauty

I thought I loved beauty until I found eloquence.
You were not as tall and as graceful as the giraffe nor,
As splendid as the peacock.
You were not as glorious as the setting sun,
Nor as scintillating to all of my senses as the unexpecting winds.
Your scent did not take up the air about me enchanting my soul as did the perfumes of her skn.
But yet,you supplanted the root of my admiration and disturbed my soul.

You stirred in me deep reflections and a tireless yearning beyond my control.
Even the company of warm arms and gentle lips do little to move my restless heart to peacefulness.
Every day I wish for you more,
I lay at your pedestal hoping that you would grace me with all of your charms.
That I may go out and tell the whole world of you.

My heart knew only selfish desire until I found you,
Now to have you means but to honour your sacred beauty!


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