To love in parting

When I love anything greatly I ask myself this question: “Will you part with this?” I ponder over it silently for a moment and then a moment more and so it continues.
The more time elapses the more my indecision tosses me from one state of confusion to the next.
But who would readily give up a thing in an instant that he loves with his heart most deeply?

Then suddenly, as if possessed with some great force of courage I finally yell and say, “Let no man love what he cannot surrender as God surrendered who He loved the most! Let it part from me for what is man deserving of to make his prisoner?”
This is no easy task to speak of, to see a thing cherished with love stripped away is as to cut oneself with a blunt knife without justifiable cause but so it must be.

Life may be filled with sorrow but so sweet is happiness that the pain is soon forgotten. And so my tears will not leave the troughs of my eyelids as I watch my love drift away.
It reminds me of this poor soul who broke with his lover then said as he laid bleeding from the thrust of a sword in a duel, ‘Tell her that I cannot explain why I broke with her as I did but that since then my life has been worth nothing….. Tell her it is lucky for her that I have gone and I am glad not to have to live without her… Tell her, her love was the only real happiness I have ever known.’


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