Weighing opinions

How can you weigh another person’s character by someone else’s experience with that person?
It demonstrates not only an inability on your part to think for yourself but it also sets you up to be controlled by other people’s opinion in everything you do in your life.

Of course you should develop the ability to assess someone independently such as in determining their usefulness to you. Naturally, however, most human beings tend to rely heavily if not entirely on this method.

For example, if you want something or someone strongly enough you may be more inclined to avoid all advice that may come in to conflict with your heart’s purpose but if you feel the weight of doubt you would readily be receptive of other’s opinions and thereby develop your perception of the individual or thing under observation in an ‘affirmative sense’. With each word or action the person says you immediately compare and contrast it with what you have already heard about that person. With each sign of a defect in the object you immediately discard it as useless. Essentially, you lose all objectivity through
this method.

Prejudice is another alienating factor that affects the true independence of the ‘mind’. There is a prejudice within the church, the workplace, the immediate family and more concisely within each individual. In some ways euphemistically speaking, it is in fact a ‘predilection toward certain things over others’. It is perhaps linked to the indoctrination we received and our own inner logic and comprehension of what is acceptable to us. Hence, it is quite dangerous to openly challenge or confront another person in their belief unless you have no fear of provoking them.

On the other hand, attached to each prejudice is a contradiction because no person adheres to all of their principles or beliefs in everything they do. In other words, no one is perfect. Too often we neglect that fact. As a matter of fact, its the one sin that we commit that we scarcely think to admit. Hence, even judges are criminals as criminals are judges.
Everyone else has a book of your sins and you of theirs but none of themselves. So he says, You are a liar.’ And she responds by saying, ‘You are a thief.’ While right or wrong in this world are judged by circumstances.


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