My Firelight

A fire burns deep within my soul,
But, what you see is just the smoke that drifts away.
I close my eyes and there I am in the inner chamber of my thoughts searching for the door that leads to where my heart must be.
Yes, I search as an adventurer in heated lust and I wish to find that special treasure.
Day by day another path, escaping wrath and scolding.
Those luxurious comforts which attend to all noble men do wink at me.
And I most gracefully refuse to decline what by right is surely mine.

What do you know about me enough to say?
Am I not a mystery as sure as this fire that you have not found?
Here I am before you, yet, though I am near my pulse you have not felt.
It does rent my heart that you are yet to know me.
If you would search those inner depths of yours then you would surely hear my voice.


Lo, what joy has now fallen at my lap!
A mind most smooth with eloquence!
So wise and prudent, worldly unscathed,
Perfect in beauty beneath a shade.
Eyes mild and temperate,
Soothing me as I picture her animated glances,
And though her voice I have not known
Wondrous is she to my soul!

What has the heaven unfolded before my knowing?
So precious and sweet, tender and meek,
Distant but yet secure.
If the odour of her passion would subsume me,
And my love thus penetrate into her open arms,
How complete would be my happiness!

Egypt, oh glorious Egypt! Your daughter has left thee to rest in the cavern of my heart!
Envy me not for I am the son you never had but more deserving of your throne.
Royal not by blood nor by birth but by the spirit that is my soul.


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