Poetry- song of mighty souls

Poetry is like a spring that wells in the temple of the heart.
Its sound is the key to the creation of all things once unknown and does shape those mysteries that grips man’s desire with beauty and appeal.
It gives life and meaning to inanimate pictures and objects.
And those scenes of life inexpressible to ordinary men, it makes man turn his mind circumspect.
It resonates at a fevered pitch when inspired by love, so wonderful a gift to those endowed with it.

When words are tempered with understanding and women make of themselves a listening ear, great things are inspired among men.
Men are moved to battles and the poor unite amongst themselves for a common purpose simply by words.
What a great joy it is to know that such words which befall the ear of poor and rich, wise and foolish, proud and humble and thus mirrored in their minds do more to inspire a discerning heart moved by circumstance.
Such is the power of words expressed with poetry.

Is it not fitting that poets have found their rightful place at the seat of majesty, chosen as rulers among men?
For it is they who must sway man’s minds and stoke the passions of women.
Filling empty souls with renewed purpose and making mighty men of cowards.
Brave men are thus moved to valour at the sound of a trumpet when properly cultivated in advance.
It is for us to prepare the soil with ploughing before the seed is planted and our purpose made manifest.
It is for us to steer the sheep and persuade the captain.
It is for us to humble and exalt whom we choose.
Our will is that which pervades the soul of men as mighty edicts.
Throughout all the world, no gospel has a greater advocate except in those souls with words carved by eloquence.

Let it be said of us that wisdom is our crown, knowledge our garments, understanding our compassion and love our passionate soul made manifest through words.


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