Stars on high beaming with pride,
Floating diamond dust across the skies,
To lust, but yet my hands may never touch
Is a pain to bear for which my heart just can’t adjust.
And plus I feel as though I must,
So in you I place my trust,
I know the heavens will devise a plan to make you mine in time
Because for you it knows my love can’t lie.

But I’ve heard that you’re just a distant smiling face,
An illusion of the mind
Yet, I’m sure I won’t be broken hearted every daylight,
When from me you are departed.
And though, you may not extend across the skies like the sunrise,
Your beauty is no less desired.

Early in the morning I stand, looking through my window,
Searching for your glowing eyes.
Your shine has me mesmerized,
I must be your prisoner in disguise,
All of these feelings have me hypnotized.

The minutes pass and it seems like you’re ascending,
Or perhaps that’s the effect of my mind’s expectations.
Yes, my heart is racing and warmth I cannot find but I’m mellowed by the thought of you as my angel in sky.


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