I knew when I met you that destiny would have you in my arms.
But those who taught me, showed me how to obtain your heart not how to live without it.
Or perhaps, in my haste to chase your love I failed to learn the path I should follow to be worshipped by you.
Yes, I planted the seed and joy filled my heart at the first fruits only to find the tree barren after I plucked you from whence you came.

And in due time after your self-love had withered and my importance to you dwindled, you turned your heart from me with cold disaffection.
Though I tried, I could not pilot you through the stormy winds and endless showers that came from your violent temper and harsh conditions.
I was too busy trying to understand what had changed what I first felt between us to handle all of your short-comings as mine was twice as much.
Even at this moment, I am still dazed by your parting.
It has been twenty-six full moons, eleven days and seven hours since you ripped my soul from me.
There has been no greater pain throughout my life than to be without your subtle graces.

I hid my eyes from you the day we parted so that you would not see the tears that trembled upon the rim of my eyelids.
You my dear recovered so quickly as you entered into the joy of another and consumed him in the fullness of your godly passion no sooner had I winked and allowed my tears to touch my feet.
Surely, there is nothing that I do not admire about you.

That mirror on the wall of my heart to which I turned my inner eye when you filled me with pride lays broken, shattered to pieces on the soil of your displeasure toward me.
I may have scathe your heart with thorns but the wound you left me will never heal without your love.

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