On Freedom and Independence- Considerations of epochs and the African peoples

An ordinary mind is an uncultivated mind. A cultivated mind is not one merely academically inclined, it is one that is creative and able to dismantle the constructs built up through independent learning or a formal education (which is a systemically controlled indoctrination) to create a new creature or enlightened human being. It is often a formal education which inspires contradiction and a rejection of what has been accepted but mostly so on account of questioning and further independent learning and discovery inspired by some passionate interest.

A method or philosophy is thereby developed through this system of questioning that challenges the existing order, initiating a paradigm shift. This in essence reflected the prototype of the Christ who rejected the old philosophy that governed the hebrews and reshaped it anew. Also, men such as Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Einstein, Galileo, Aristotle and Akhenaten Pharaoh of Egypt altered accepted thinking in some instances with drastic consequences for the future development of man.

This leads me to the ideas of independence and freedom. These ideas are expressions of the collective courage of men unwilling to subordinate themselves to a stifling stagnation of progress and so, committed themselves to the supremacy of the individual mind to think for itself. This therefore, spurred the creativity of man and the creation of an idealistic political philosophy. So doing, a pervading influence arose which by right sought the subordination of those who had not yet come to realize this idea. Independence and freedom was not granted by laws, it was bolstered by a determination and a willingness to offer one’s life in place of it.

Now, I turn to the African peoples of which I am chiefly recognized and rightly so. There exists among us a malignant influence within the spirit of our peoples that has succeeded in maintaining the dominant influence of the Anglo-Saxon peoples and other races over us in recent recorded history. In spite of the history of our enslavement, the Jew’s holocaust has remained a preeminent injustice and has enabled his influence everywhere. While everywhere even in his own land the African peoples are subordinated. His military deficiencies make him even more susceptible to external influences.

The people of Libya who exist in the land of Africa and who once exemplified a rich and unique democracy unfounded in the western world are in ruin today because it had not the military might to withstand the great external powers of the world nor the strength to alter the international system. ‘But, is not Libya a part of Africa?’ you ask. Yes and rightly it must follow that a joint responsibility on the part of Africa existed to secure the right to freedom and idependence of the Libyan people. However, the internal weaknesses and corruption of Africa and its technological deficiencies made it impossible to stand as a bulwark against western imperialism under the false banner of freedom. If one considers the political system that existed in Libya prior to its destruction by western powers we would find that a gross injustice was committed against its peoples. One day, this will be thoroughly ventilated and the requisite compensation will be given to its peoples.

Zimbabwe is also the subject of external scrutiny and prejudice and so too many other nations in Africa. Their governments are plagued by corruption and their development is not apace with the global powers of the world. ‘But look at Germany,’ you say. ‘A nation ravaged twice by global war and yet today stands atop of Europe.’ The skeptics and naysayers of Hitler would today be forced to stop their tongues in the face of Germany’s remarkable recovery and influence. It is only unfortunate that the german spirit has found itself relegated to American interest in its foreign policy stance toward Russia. Nevertheless, yes, you are right, however, the will that prevails in Germany is not the will which exists in Africa. Africa’s material resources and dominated people of many hundred of years makes even the mere thought of a german like people in Africa unconscionable. Even more so the idea of a United States of Africa is both untenable and an anathema of the western ideology of global dominance.

Yet, the only way for the expressions of freedom and independence to find its place in Africa lays in its determination and resolve to remove the shackles of dominance to which it is imprisoned and the imposition of a single order across all its peoples on that blessed continent!


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