My fleeting Mistress

Wisdom has found a better light in her beauty,
Trimmed by the solemn aspect of her fiery eyes and made less deceiving.
If I could choose a shade I would place myself within her bosom,
That I be made whole within her shadow and warmed by the ardour of her tender breasts.

Promises of distant journeys, rare jewels from far, wide
And wondrous places do wink my eyes as I think of them
But yet not one of these sights can tempt my love from you wholly my fleeting mistress.

You sailed across the calm waters of the Nile,
And thus followed the trails of the sunset into the harbour of my soul.
You parted the darkness of the skies when your blush unearthed your smile.
You offered me water to drink, but when it touched my lips I tasted you,
So joy entered the marrow of my bones and my heart raced on account of you.

Yet, you my love, even when you seem to pity me; my love for you is swollen
And my heart like a coconut tree in the desert; I am forlorn without you.
Dry leaves fit along my branches, the odour of my flowers hide their scent…
So am I without the presence of your charms!

You alone are the light that shows the magnificence of my petals,
Were I to you more precious than that ornament that tastes the sweat of thy bosom,
Or more sweet than that perfume that the still air takes from your hair to my nostrils!
How I wished to bestride you as galloped passed me running into another’s arms!

If your hands would but touch the edge of my sleeve,
Or your eyes would look upon me in the midst of my sorrow,
Or if the wind would bring me the message of your footsteps near my door
And you were finally ready to share the fruit of your love with me-
Happiness would rush through my veins and you would hear the sound of my pulse in you.


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