Reflections on life

How can a man go out and do charity if he is not charitable at home?
How can you have extra food in your house and will it to the dogs, when there are those in lack about you?
Or what is there to be happy about in having one extra room with no one to fill it when you know there are those without a roof over their heads?
Have you no heart but for yourself?
You curse those who are hungry and you make a mock of those who have little about them.
You are generous to thieves and robbers who smile with you and assure you with kind words in your time of plenty but fall away when the skies close its windows from you.
What manner of a person are you?
You put your dogs out to the street and leave them to fend for themselves when it was you who chose them and not they you.
You condemn the thief and have no mercy for the brokenhearted.
But why are men giving to stealing and depriving others of those things they possess?
Is it need or want or the absence of scruples?
Even in such men there is some lesson of wisdom, they teach us how to accept that nothing truly belongs to us and that we should not make our possessions our gods.
And so do we hate them!
We learn that there are things we cannot defend and our only possession on earth is our choices that follow us.
If a man is overcome with jealousy his actions will be misguided as his thoughts would be steeped in prejudice.
Some are like the leaves on a bayleaf tree, upright in the winds that blow,
Some of us are like the leaves of a buckonoe tree, broad and wide bending to the changing winds,
Others are like coconut trees, their branches grow old and hang on the edge to the very last before it comes crashing down.

Foolish is the man who does not learn a thing until he can perform it well as many times as he does it,
Or the man who does not know he does not do a thing well but yet still does it
And refuses to learn from those more adept and perfect at what he does,
Or who hates to see another he finds more talented than he.
Surely, he lives before a mirror for he sees no further than his own eyes.
Consider that not even a blind man would allow himself to be led across a street by a blind man.
I have never seen such a thing.
So how can you who have eyes be so blind?


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