Strength and the will

A man’s strength is not his outer physique, it is the sum total of his will.
What manifests as outward strength is no less consistent with the principles of energy.
In fact, what is perceived outwardly in a man’s physical appearance is actually a by product of expended energy.
Also, this energy is certainly wasted energy for to what end is its purpose other than an improvement of the body which degenerates with time as a natural consequence of the end of all mortal beings?
Surely, it weakens the inner spirit being to dedicate our time to our bodies exclusively.
For we know that a man is not improved by exhaustion of the body but by surbordination of it to the supremacy of the mind and spirit which must rule over it.
Yes indeed, this energy that is converted does not lengthen a man’s days, which is fixed, but it certainly emboldens his pride, a weakness of those of physical strength and lengthens the scope of his labours through endurance.

It is no surprise therefore, that often, men of great strength come to witness their stature supplanted by those who by courage, wisdom and valour are possessed of a mighty spirit.
So too does youth, which is not everlasting, fades with the clouds of old age to which all men diminish.
I declare to you that great feats accomplished by man were not the outcome of his strength but by the extent of his will that endured in spite of the body’s limits to the end that he was committed.
Hence, the Romans conquered, the Europeans conquered, the Germans conquered, the Americans conquered by will not by strength.

Therefore, it is wise that a man maintains his body but his mind must not be sacrificed to it nor his spirit which is a higher manifestation of the mind.
He must find an appropriate balance to render his inherent abilities most effective in accomplishing the purpose delegated to him to complete in his lifetime.
And upon this his strength will be declared:

That his will prevailed where he should have faltered and he endured where his body failed.

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