Her Majesty

As the night slowly passes, upon you my eyes are set and the thin veil of the night to me a shadow cloaking those charms of yours that shine by day.
Were your smile the bow along which I could place my arrow, I would see your glory stretched across the skies.
If your eyes would be my window there my heart would be also to learn all that pleases you.
It is less the fact of your beauty that I am aware but more so that I felt so moved to take notice of you with my lips that pleases me.
Let me walk through time with you and show to you the pleasures you are yet to know.

Your pride is but the fringe of a fading innocence taken by the wind.
Sweet are those memories you entreat with your flirting eyes.
Were I that feather plucked from the tail of a fleeing peacock at such times you stirred me greatly with madness when you gazed upon me with your fiery eyes; I would hasten toward your arms and lay my head gently on the edge of your shoulder.
And you would quell the passion in my soul with that one proof that I would possess your affection one day.

In my heart sits a void that propels me to you, that your hands might close the door that leads to it after you have filled its place.
Would your love abate these fires in me that rage for you and so transpire the desire hidden in your heart, happy would my soul be.


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