Dear valentine

In my heart I search to see what draws my love to thee,
But there I find a selfish lust with no place for you and me.
I tried to mend my ways but instead what becomes of thee?
Broken into many parts,the light of my soul no where to be.
Take me in your velvet arms that I might be aroused by the scent of thee.
Shadow my eyes my love and treat my heart with tenderness that no other angel may take the place of thee.

Shall I gave you roses to requite the love you promised me?
For where art thou but in this world where my love is less than the joy you give to me?
Am I to give to thee much hours or carriages of gifts my love?
Will you treat me more affectionately if I a man would bring paradise to thee?
A rose may last a few days but your smile is etched across the softest places of my heart!

Jamal Martin


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