The defense

The whole of society has essentially collapsed. The viciousness of men toward women is a primary feature of this collapse and though, perhaps far from novel, is less than primitive and ultimately dangerous to a continued civilised intercourse between the sexes. The concept of a woman as a possession is an aberration even to a marital union which is essentially a mutually agreed upon choice to cohabitate and does not preclude an eternal right to exclusivity. It is based on the idea of free will in keeping with individual happiness and fulfillment.

It is of course a matter of discernment that a man and woman engage in a relationship to relieve the burdens of individual life and ensure the continuation of humanity but we all possess our own object and we are sometimes disillusioned about a continued union by preponderating facts.

By these philosophical ideas I mean – if a woman chooses to relinquish her feelings towards her husband or lover she is permitted to do so unimpeded without fear of the pain of death or physical harm. This applies to any other union.

A woman is a creation of God, she is not an object of men. It is implausible that a woman should be relegated to an object by inferior men who are all about. I do acknowledge that men are given to alien voices on account of what is cultivated in their hearts and so may not necessarily heed the distant voice of reason before their actions are registered before God. I am also certainly not a moralizing creature that seeks to make of this world a utopia but I cannot ignore the inherent wisdom in constructing a harmonious life in accordance with the interests and well-being of all, in particular those lovely creations of God- who are symbols of His perfect craftsmanship, His benevolence and wisdom.

If man today believes that his birthright is dominion over the face of the earth and he is greater than women then he must not ignore the responsibility that he proffers himself by that notion of his existence in this world. He must treat women with moderation, reserve and respect. He must not be given to utilizing his superior physical strength to put her at a disadvantage or to threaten her existence. He must always be willing to accept that he is wrong even when he knows he is right, thereby restraining his ego and the evil that springs from it.

It appears that humanity is ripe for a reconstruction for it is bereft of its conscience, its children are shrouded beneath a cloud of ignorance, money is the means to everything and we have made of it the god of our needs. However, it is the human being; endowed by a bold, unconquerable spirit and driven by the purpose of improvement endowed to us by our Creator that insures us even against the greatest of calamities. We must live as men and die worthy as gods. For what is there in life on this earth but misery if we do not strive toward perfection and so prove ourselves worthy of our existence?

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