Mind Contortions

It is a remarkable fact the superficial manner in which our personality is confounded and our confidence laid to ruin.
The reality of a fatal attraction is in our response in the face of it and how readily it makes us devoid of the proper faculties as its victim.
Without time to grasp what is actually occurring and not wishing to be mortally wounded we display an embarrassing weakness that makes us unsuitable to reap the reward naturally in waiting.

To be so transformed from the natural sense, subdued to a point beneath our divine station on account of a temporal physical influence is not only an unnatural fact suited for derision and loathing but it is also by contrast a matter worthy of investigation and experiment toward discovery.

Were we to pursue this investigation with affectionate determination it will surely be made self-evident that the key lies in learning and candid introspection so as to arrive at an irrefutable method guaranteed to ensure consistent success as opposed to regrettable failures.

Indeed, to be possessed of the necessary wisdom in such matters is the basis of immeasurable power and greatness beyond imagination. For the mind is to be controlled and shaped at will by all manner of devices.


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