Its good to have opinions on passing subjects but it is much more valuable to mind your own business. I mean, if your neighbour does something in conflict with your idea of morals, your principles or your virtues it doesn’t elevate you above him in anyway.

Be good to each other, say good things and avoid spreading rumours otherwise restrain your mouths. If a man does something in conflict with what you are prepared to accept talk to him privately and attempt to resolve it. If he refuses to deviate from his own principles or he refuses to adjust so as to be amenable to your wishes then you are free to break your friendship with him. And if a woman or a man chooses a life of profligacy and pleasure I see not how that concerns you for no one loves your piousness more than you hate to see an unimpeded will.

Govern yourself and let your mind be your church. Those who wish for your counsel will seek it and if someone wishes to be as you are they will model themselves after your ways. You need not speak to convert them neither is it well to humiliate them before the company of fools who are always ready to rejoice at another’s expense.

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