Misconceptions – Love or Misdirection??


If your beauty is real then what has my attention?
Surely my idea of you is a misconception because when I looked at you I knew not of your perfection.
But still briefly I wondered of you and in time every day I pondered on the day of revelation.

Let me be truthful, those different shades of yours at times cause me an erection…
I mean an erection of thought and an ejaculation of flatteries;
Delving into the cornea of your eyes I caught a preview of all of your highlights.
And of the crowd, you are what my heart chose.
But at the start, superficially you glossed over my chocolate complexion and had no amorous intentions.

When I began to pursue you along the path of your direction, I saw all of your deceptions.
A misdirection?
You smiled and winked at me,
You blushed and altered my intimate conceptions from a wide distance.
They call that seduction but imagine me a man so superficial to move my heart upon a common stream!

I am no tree with leaves that blow to and fro,
And even butterflies can steer over harsh winds when they blow.
You say that I am flirtatious??
I would not be me if you were not so ostentatious.
You say I should stay on this barn and watch you go around.
You say my hands are full and you like the shadow of empty arms.
You ask,

“Are these misconceptions, what is your intention:
Love or misdirection?”

Misdirection is your charms both sweet and enticing,
But Love is me in your direction, no misconceptions.

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