Constructive notions

What is instructive is that though we attempt to control a situation to suit expected outcomes, unexpected events unravel at such an alarming rate that they distort those outcomes beyond our control.
Consequently, a more grievous situation develops than was actually intended, as instead of adjusting ourselves to the new reality we try to rescue the situation from collapse. Not knowing that the collapse occurred well before the situation seemed completely controllable.
Every move has its consequences but there are those who neglect the fact as if to say mistakes can be repaired. No doubt it can be but do imagine a broken thing when fixed, it is hardly its former self. Every moment is crucial, every instant is as good as life or death. If we act without incorporating into our assessment the possibilities then we act blindly but even more so if in spite of the perceived consequences we act as if they are containable and without risks. If we call upon some invisible influence before we act then we are but sheep and many are those who do. Then how must we act? We must act to do good when it is good and act to do evil when there is evil.

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