Sacred Desert

May your divine grace imbue the essence of my eternal being,
And perfume the inner chambers of my heart with love and kindness.
May every light that shines sparkle within my eyes and dispel these lurking shadows that come about to devour me.
May all the lilies of a thousand plains dance before me as they do when brushed by the winds
And may the oceans carry my indignation to all the earth so that in me, love remains.

The skies when the sun rises to make day fall upon the earth reflect my soul,
And though I dwell within caves and play with darkness wisdom be with me.
All about me I see many flowers,
All about me are lost diamonds, sapphire, emeralds and gold.
But you, you black opal of the sacred deserts of the earth go before all life in glory.
May your eminence precede my footsteps and may all that is good and pleasing be the hem of my garments,
And where your pride is, sacred ones, there shall my rod be.




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