On the order of things

A formal education does not make you a privileged member of society except in a vain sense, though in this country and perhaps in others, government supported tertiary education to be exact appears with this notion embedded within in it as a general idea before the masses. However, in reality, it makes you a functional human being within a structured society of work. So in essence you are no greater that the most sophisticated illiterate of the working class. Interestingly, I must add that it also has the tendency of making you more oblivious to the pulse of humanity which is quite dangerous to its constructive improvement. It also creates a division between the whole of society where economic advantages are attributed to men according to their academic qualifications, though in reality this is not always necessarily so given existing prejudices.
Ironically, many of these same men (and those so called privileged classes who exploit the system to suit themselves) when their work is compared with ordinary men of no degree you find them lacking in every way except in their ability to recollect facts and figures and their penchant for attempting to destroy everything good and suited to the general utility of all. Indeed, it can be said that to train a man’s mind is no different from training a dog. It all depends on the type of dog.
Importantly, it must be said here that no matter a man’s formal education, it doesn’t reflect his character which is his most beautiful aspect. Certainly, while his education can be bought, his character is a general feature assessed by observation of him in practice and it has no monetary equivalent.
Also, a formal education submits to the same rule of supply and demand and the price set for labour is ingrained with this idea, though not always. It is therefore quite worrying the inequalities that form the fabric of society. Economic expediencies and government influence are at times one and the same entity as they serve the same selfish purpose when misdirected. Men come and go to and from this life and we have no idea what of his essence is left in life besides from his accomplishments, which they themselves are soon forgotten save that man would choose to remember them. In the final analysis the whole context of this argument rests in the hope for that wonderful society to emerge suited to the wonder that is the Creator of our Universe.

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