Understanding the distinction between Work and a Job

The fulfillment of work is absent in the notion of a job.
Work encompasses the whole individual, it gives him a sense of belonging and it awakens his inner faculties, steering him toward excellence.
Work focuses not only on the life of the individual but his external contribution to the improvement of the life of others. His health, his well-being and his upward mobility is motivated by it.

A job, on the other hand, is the accomplishment of some organised group of tasks.
It is external to the individual and does not necessarily encompass his well being.
It involves taking on responsibilities or in other words, taking on burdens unto oneself.
It subsists in the achievement of another person’s success while not benefiting from the profits accrued as a result of your contribution and though instructive should not be the whole basis for achievement in life.
It sometimes ignores your health entirely, it is a mentality toward life that is selfish and insufficient compared to a complete existence and though it may provide for some of your needs it is no different from poverty when it exists alone.

Paradoxically, though the former is distinct to the latter it is through a job one finds the work one must do in life because it enables us to learn from others too.
It is important to recognize that.
So what is a job exactly?
Well a job is going to school, attending to chores, it involves having the means to obtain money.
And what is work?
Work is maintaining integrity, displaying honesty, showing respect, caring for humanity as you would for yourself.
It is living at peace among your neighbours, seeking the interest of your family members, developing and maintaining good friendships and relationships and exercising good judgement in every situation.
It is our ethic or attitude toward life.
Work is understanding others and exercising emotional intelligence or being tactful in the things we say or do.
Work is developing your character and acquiring wisdom.
Work begins where a job ends.


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