Ma adorée

I used to see flowers as scrubs and grasses when I thought of you.
But now you’ve split my heart and left me feeling blue.
You whom I would talk with at nights and write letters, you’re far away from my heart.
I thought of you sometime ago and right then I wondered away in our memories.
Our passion once was more fiery than a furness, more blistering than the noon time sun and when our eyes first met, love was all I felt.
Who would believe that this could be-love at once captured my heart.
You would ask me, “Can your heart be for me alone?”
I thought for a moment surprised, a tear forming in both eyes, by those words as if you were scolding me for trespasses that you imagined within your mind I would soon commit.
I said, ‘Ma adorée, my love. Is it possible for a heart to be split in two or even in many pieces? If it could then how will you hear my heart beat each and every time we meet amidst so many pieces? Is it that your eyes are no longer near to my heart and has your spirit been so departed from me? It is you I love, look in my heart and behold the rivers and streams therein, they run to you like they flow to the oceans in all their might. Heaven alone does not pass away from me in the midst of chaos upon the earth surrounding me because of you. Yet you accuse me and would rather have me by the neck than to hold me in your arms with the meekness and joy of your embrace. To have your love is my proudest conviction and without you I will be ashamed.’
She rushed to me, to stop my tears from falling and between her arms she caught my spirit. “Mon adorée, bisous, je suis desolée. Je ne savais pas. I have died and found life again today. Without you let the stars lose their glimmer and may the oceans be made silent. May all of heaven open their gates before thee and welcome the sound of your voice within their chambers for you my love have awoken this dubious heart and all of my soul.”


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