The great man that lived

I knew of a man who had no fence around his house, any one coming to visit him would simply have to walk up to his door and knock. One day some men came to his house at night, broke in and tied him up along with his wife and robbed them. One of them even insisted to go in to his bedroom thinking to himself that he would add greatly to their spoils. Though the others resisted perhaps knowing that he was a spiritual man they could not prevail upon him and so he went in and had his way. It so happened that one man was the one who had died when the police caught up with them. Yet, after this incident I’m unaware if that man put a fence up around his house or not, I truly believe he did not.
I heard him talking a few times, very impressive with a commanding presence. He even scolded me for eating in his presence as he spoke before an assembly. I saw the power in him though I could not understand what it was, I saw that it beamed from his eyes and he glowed in a mesmerizing way as he spoke. His brother too is a man of some eloquence he kept me avidly listening to him for several hours as he expounded several things. So great was the man that many followed him but he himself did he ask for followers. He equipped boys, made them men and then he sent them out among men to live by the wisdom he imparted to them instructing them to help others. He even visited my brother and I, spending close to an hour or more with us asking us questions and instructing us like Plato. Honestly, I couldn’t understand why he would sacrifice his time for us because he was a very important man that kept himself busy.
As a young man he decided to take up medicine and as I can recollect it was on his way to becoming a doctor before he left and followed the path that called on him. He continued to his interest in knowledge no less of course and his self-development took on a new feature in an ideal greater than who he could ever be. He lived healthily and remained strong but he died almost young. It astonished me when I heard of his end, I couldn’t reconcile with what appeared to me as an awkward death and so it was. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to be like that man but his death provided a window for me to see more clearly and I knew to myself that I had to find some way to be more than he lived to be. As with him so it is with many others I have known or heard of who has instructed and counselled me by the excellence of their wisdom and the soundness of their principles. These men like him, they do not die, they live forever by their virtue and excellence.

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