The Triumph

I entered a room to find blood everywhere.
Some were treating their wounds to return to the field again, some were fresh and waiting while others still had life in them to keep the fight going and refused to let up.
But my heart too was fresh and ready and I wielded the power bestowed upon me.
Yea, I heard the cries of the oppressed as a man seeking justice.
I watched, surveyed and assessed the situation then I drew my sword to do battle.
When they, my confessed enemies by their deeds, felt the edge of my sword men went scurrying all about like rats to make their retreat from all sides but I  in the heat of my fervour would not let them escape.
Yea, I inflicted some mortal wounds and spiritual blows on these my foes but though much blood was lost no wound was fatal- for we know that wickedness is eternal.
And just as I thought the battle was over and stood proud and boasting, I looked over my shoulder and there I saw men tightening their boots on the outside to join in and a mighty snake slithering upon the ground threatening me with his tongue.
I rushed up to where he was, for when deceit is found one must move swiftly against it, and I lifted my feet above its head crushing him beneath my heel.
And though surrounded, all about me blood thirsty men I would not waiver or let up.
Yea, I held my ground, stomped my feet, didn’t change my sound, until I put an end to their resolve and rode to victory above them all!

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