The Yoke

Day and night I have toiled within the prison of an open desert sweltering under the heat of persecution without cause.
Cast away from the fat of the land and the bounty of a good inheritance by a jealous and envious hand.
Without much water or bread to eat-death is what is wished for me.
But where will I go if not home?
They send vultures to keep watch hovering above me, to erase every trace of me at the last moment.
They too, misguided and hungry sense the last moment is near and grow anxious, their eyes sharp like the edge of a sword but lo my hope is dear- they shall not feed upon the milk of my flesh
Though death may swallow me as all men, my will to live exceeds it.
And what have I asked to be beaten and treated with violence?
All I wished for was a little meat and some fruits, a little wine and plenty water, a peaceful place to lay my head.
They have punished me but by their evil I have lifted my head to clear the reproach of the people and execute justice.

Despised as I might be by the reproach of ignorance and foolishness.
Though I bleed all they see are tears and their scorn is greatly multiplied upon me.
So great is their hatred!
“What is your crime against them?” you ask.
My crime against them is but a glowing ambition and purpose.
A listening ear, a compassionate heart and the love that shaped me in the flesh.
It is my love they hate about me the most.
Who am I but a vessel of a divine will that endowed me with the gift of passion?
Deep in my soul is the true sentiment of power that has fuelled in me a just cause which was born by my own affliction so that I might take it upon myself to free those who are the victims of oppression and a heavy yoke.
Those who seek no less than their felicity, a lamp to exhume the darkness cast upon them by a treacherous hand and a deceiving smile.

Let me not find myself wanting or untrue when I return from my sojourn through these desert plains to be home again.
For on that day I will sit atop these evil men with my feet and crush their heads!


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