My Ecstasy for Thee- To You My Dear

The remark of perfection is in your gentle complexion.
So soft upon my eyes to see and warm to my heart to hear you calling upon me my dear.
Long distances and many hours I travel to be made whole again within the temple of your passionate love most tried and true.
Beautiful is what you are my dear and all the more I wish to have you near:
Gazing up into my eyes from in my arms most meek, touching me with all your charms filling my soul with heat.
So lovely a thing would it be to me- to be lost in the wells of your love my sweet.
Riding across the waves of troubles, steering my way through the tempest our love would make, so great is the ecstasy that consumes me for you oh fair one of the ages!

But you are more clever than you are sincere and love to you is poison through the veins of my heart my dear.
And though I would be better off to escape you, the peril I see is but happiness to you and me.



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