Divine Cup of Love

I looked at her but it was you I thought of and it bothered me so dearly to know the state you left me in.
Yet, she gave me what you couldn’t have, a pure love and sincerity that I found absent in you.
When she entered the door of my secret place, she fell in my arms like a freshly picked flower from the vineyard of heaven more splendid than the best of your charms.
And I, I laid her on the wine presses of my broken heart and I drew out the dew of Ecstasy from the marrow of her bones to heal the wounds you inflicted upon me.
When the time finally came upon us she indulged in the joy of my soul without restraint and I, I roamed in the well of her sanctity all through the night wrestling you out of my soul.
And surely, it was so that by day you were purged from my spirit completely and I thought no more of you.
Now my cup overflows and my happiness stretches across rivers of water all the way to the ends of the earth.

Oh divine cup of love, imbue my passion until no more of my pride remains.
Wet my head and touch my feet.
Perfume my garments with the odour of your grace so sweet.
Come hither so that I can take the log from in her eye with words that she may see what love is even where she has not known it yet.
Let me touch the tip of her toes and shake the pillars of her soul under the weight of my love for all of her days.
Make the night seem as day that I may never lose the sight of her and as for the glory of the sunshine may I see it in her eyes.

The pigeons, they stoop down from from the realm of the skies and walk upon the earth among men.
You who sit upon your high throne distant from the eyes of men will you not come to the place appointed when heaven replaces your pride with lust instead?
And am I not ready for you my nightingale?
Ramael, receive my supplication on earth and take it to my love in song that she may dance to the tune of my thoughts and be filled with me forever!


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